Arun Mukhopadhyay (b. 1937) started doing theatre with IPTA in the 60s, debuting with Gorky’s Mother and Fast’s Spartacus. After IPTA desolved, Mukhopadhyay formed Chetana and joined Group Theatre movement.
His Mareech Sambad and Jagannath brought him recognition as playwright, music composer, and director. He was awarded Sangeet Natak Academy award in 2002. Also, for his acting in a Mrinal Sen film Parashuram, he was awarded the national film Fair Award in 1978.

Chetana was founded in 1972 in Kolkata. Till 2006, it has produced 20 full length and more than a dozen short plays. It’s major productions include Mareech Sambad, Jagannath, Tista Parer brittanta, Mephisto. Chetana has performed in Europe, North America, Bangladesh, not to speak of almost all major cities of India. In one of its memorable European tours in 2004, it participated in the Ibsen Stage Festival in Oslo; it performed in London also.

In the 8th Bharat Rang Mahotsav (2006), Chetana produced Apni Kon Dike (Which side are you on), an adaptation of Roland Harwood’s Taking Sides. Set in Berlin captured by allied forces, the a play is about the Nazi trail of Willhelm Furtwaengler, the famouse conductor of Berlin Philharmonic. Mukhopadhyay saw the film Taking Sides by Istvan Szabo and was drawn to the fresh narrative of the old debate about the artist’s role in a facist society.

Contact: Chetana, 131, N. S. C. Bose Road, Block 13, Flat 8, Kolkata 700 040. Ph: 24810840. e:

Source: NSD Theatre Utsav 2006, Samik Bandyopadhyay (ed.), New Delhi: National School of Drama.


  • Google maps: Chetana, 1/40, N. S. C. Bose Road, Suryanagar, Kolkata 700 040. Cell: 0983157992.
  • Rabindra Utsav, Aug 2009, Kolkata – Chetana produces Tagore’s Chirakumar Sabha (Dir: Arun Mukerjee)



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